We work with small and medium sized privately held companies located within two hours of Minneapolis & St. Paul that are underperforming, in transition or have high growth expectations.

The fundamental mission of Solutions for Businesses is to help companies succeed and create profitable growth. As our clients succeed so will Solutions for Businesses.


Businesses need to grow revenues, raise prices and cut expenses but without innovation, you can not do it better than the competition. Growth often involves borrowing more or raising new capital, we also provide debt placement advice.

We develop plans for underperforming companies, to improve their operations and maximize their profitability. And finally, regarding more traditional services, we advise management in the areas of planning, organizing, staffing, controlling, and leading.


Our team works with corporations throughout the twin cities and outside the metro area. We often work onsite and will come to your place of business. Feel free to call and find out if we can help you.